Apps and Activities for Speech and Language Development

Speech and language are probably the most commonly challenging areas of development for individuals with and without special needs.  Little Bee Speech is a company dedicated to providing parents, speech language pathologists, and educators several resources to assist children in obtaining their speech therapy goals.  Since school’s out for many students, it’s important to continue practicing […]

Bitsboard Pro

Searching for an educational app full of games and flashcards to help study reading, spelling, and more?  Check out Bitsboard by Innovative Investments Limited!  Bitsboard allows users to study “almost anything for free across 25 addictive mini-games in one app.” You can download Bitsboard for free with limited features, or go ahead and get the full […]

Touch Trainer

A majority of our blogs discuss the dozens and dozens of apps which may benefit individuals with special needs.  If your student/child isn’t familiar with using a touch screen on the devices, then he/she likely won’t reap each app’s full benefits.  Touch Autism has developed Touch Trainer, which is an app to help train anyone who […]

7 Solutions for Biting and Chewing

A while back, I discussed several different fidgets for individuals with autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, sensory processing disorder, and more (blog links at bottom of this page).  Fidgets are developed for children and adults who need to keep their hands, fingers, feet, and/or mouths busy.  In these blogs, I covered a couple of options to help individuals […]

Cozy Canoe

Looking for a unique product to help your student or child relax?  The Cozy Canoe by Fun and Function is ideal for individuals with autism and more, who seek deep pressure for relaxation.  The Cozy Canoe is inflatable, so users are able to adjust it to the right amount of pressure for each individual. To get started with the Cozy […]

Gel Floor Tiles for Sensory Integration

For many individuals with sensory processing disorder, ADHD, autism, and more, they may need some type of sensory-integrating product to help them relax.  Sensory-friendly toy company Fun and Function offers the Gel Floor Tile, which is a unique item that is squishy, colorful, and calming! According to the Gel Floor Tile’s description, it is “visual […]