Express Your Voice by Casting Your Vote

Writer: Tiffany Whisner, Coles Marketing The right to vote is a basic human right. It is one that has been fought for throughout U.S. history, and it gives each person the opportunity to voice his or her opinion in a meeting, discussion, debate or election campaign. And 2016 is an election year. A big one. […]

Brili Routines

Structure and consistency help set children up for success.  This is especially true for individuals with ADHD, autism, or other special needs.  The app Brili is designed to make daily routines simple, fun for kids, and stress-free for families.  So what is Brili? Brili is the “first interactive platform that guides kids through everyday routines–employing best […]

Steady your tremors with GyroGlove

It’s estimated that approximately 10 million people experience essential tremors in America.  Essential tremor is defined as “a brain disorder that causes a part of your body to shake uncontrollably.  The unintentional shaking motion is called a tremor.”  Multiple medical conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, can cause tremors but sometimes the cause of tremors is unknown.  While […]

Dvorak keyboard layout on Mac

Some individuals using Mac computers often have trouble with the standard QWERTY keyboard layout.  An accessible alternative built-in to your Mac is the Dvorak layout, which puts the most frequently used keys right under your fingers, so you type with less finger movements needed. So would the Dvorak keyboard layout benefit you? First, according to ATMac, if […]

ClickList: Kroger’s online ordering, pickup service

In recent months, Kroger has launched online ordering in several central Indiana locations.  The service, coined “ClickList“, was successfully tested in Carmel, and has since launched at several other locations.  ClickList is a major breakthrough in grocery shopping, especially for individuals with disabilities!  It allows individuals to shop online and pick up items at the store without […]

Roost: Smart Battery for Smoke Alarms

A while back, I wrote about the Nest Protect, a smart smoke detector you can install in your home to help provide peace of mind.  However, most homes require multiple smoke detectors, making the smart Nest Protect very expensive.  If you’re interested in smart smoke detectors but not wanting to pay $100+ in each required room, […]