Hip Talk Plus is the Communicator with It All

Portable communication doesn’t get any better than this! The Hip Talk Plus is a wearable augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device. AAC devices help people with disabilities who have lost their natural speaking ability to be able to communicate or express their thoughts, wants and needs to others without speaking. The Hip Talk Plus is […]

3 Text-to-Speech Apps

Text-to-speech technology is a game changer for those who are otherwise unable to communicate with those around them.  For today’s blog, I wanted to introduce you all to three text-to-speech apps. 3 Text-to-Speech Apps The following apps are available on both Android and Apple devices. 1. Predictable: Predictable is an award-winning app for people with speech […]

Gadget Camp – Hosted by INDATA and Easter Seals Crossroads

WHAT: Gadget Camp – an all-day, week-long camp for kids ages 10-16 that use augmentative communication (AAC) devices WHERE: Butler University, Indianapolis WHEN: June 28 – July 2, 2010 INDATA and Easter Seals Crossroads are proud to present the first Gadget Camp!  Gadget Camp was created for children and young adults that use AAC devices […]