Indiana Repertory Theater Audio Description Play Schedule

The Indianapolis Repertory Theater now offers Audio Description Plays.  A season package consists of six plays for $125.  Please contact Daniel Hoffman at or 317-916-4826 for information about group sales or for any other questions you may have about this new program. The following is a list of plays that can be incorporated into the […]

New Book Helps Blind use Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Blind computer users have a very different experience than sighted users who can see the screen.  Visually impaired users are only able to experience a very small part of the interface at one time, making it difficult to learn new graphical interfaces. Windows 7 and Vista Explained: A Guide for Blind and Partially Sighted Users […]

Thunder: FREE Screen-reading Talking Software

Thunder is an award-winning free screen-reader software for people with little or no sight.  The software works well with Windows 7, Vista, or XP. Without needing to see the screen, you will be able to write letters and documents, hear what you have typed letter by letter or word by word, change the speed and […]