Simple Solutions: Board Games

Gaming in the assistive technology community can tend to focus more on adapting  the high-tech, more expensive video gaming systems, but sometimes individuals with disabilities want the opportunity to participate in the old fashioned, family-friendly board games. Luckily, Maxi Aids, a company that sells products for independent living, has met this need. Maxis Aids board games are […]

Indiana Repertory Theater Audio Description Play Schedule

The Indianapolis Repertory Theater now offers Audio Description Plays.  A season package consists of six plays for $125.  Please contact Daniel Hoffman at or 317-916-4826 for information about group sales or for any other questions you may have about this new program. The following is a list of plays that can be incorporated into the […]

New Book Helps Blind use Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Blind computer users have a very different experience than sighted users who can see the screen.  Visually impaired users are only able to experience a very small part of the interface at one time, making it difficult to learn new graphical interfaces. Windows 7 and Vista Explained: A Guide for Blind and Partially Sighted Users […]