UPnRIDE Wheelchair in standing position

UPnRIDE Standing Wheelchair

UPnRIDE Robotics Ltd. is a developer of “innovative life-changing mobility technologies” for individuals with disabilities.  Their product, the UPnRIDE wheelchair, is a wheeled robotic device that provides upright, seated mobility for wheelchair users, or individuals who have difficulty standing or walking.   Here’s more from their website: “As the number of wheelchair and scooter users grows, […]

jansport adaptive collection backpack and crossbody

JanSport Adaptive Collection

JanSport is a company that has been creating a wide variety of bags for more than 50 years.  They recently launched an Adaptive Collection, featuring two options for individuals with physical disabilities.  The Adaptive Collection upgrades classic JanSport styling with features that make everyday things easier. JanSport has been working with and listening to individuals […]

glassouse pro example

GlassOuse Pro

We originally wrote about GlassOuse back in 2018.  Now there is a newer model: GlassOuse Pro.  GlassOuse Pro is a customizable assistive wireless mouse that enables individuals with limited mobility, partial limbs, and more, to operate their phones, tablets, computers, etc. GlassOuse Pro was developed with customer participation.  The company collected user needs based on […]

Neo Smartpen Dimo

Write More Confidently with Neo Smartpen

Neo Smartpens are writing devices that give you something you could never do before — digital writing. Your writing now has a digital twin. Just use the Neo Smartpen to copy and paste the words in your handwriting to any digital device — your mobile phone, tablet or PC. You can also record meetings or […]

Toggle Switch

Light Switch Extenders Offer More Independence

Gaining independence while having a disability can feel difficult. One easy way to feel more self-sufficient is a light switch extender. This tool comes in many different designs fostered to help those reach a light switch in any room. They even have different extenders for different switch designs. Benefits to Having Light Switch Extenders Light […]

Eyespeak monitor device

Ability Drive Collaboration Promotes Independence

Ability Drive™ gives those individuals in powered wheelchairs the ability to drive by their eyes. Using virtual buttons and eye gaze technology, people who aren’t able to use a joystick can regain their movement independence. And now Tolt Technologies, the maker of Ability Drive, is teaming up with Talk To Me Technologies. The collaboration will […]