imaginAble solutions guided hands

Guided Hands by ImaginAble Solutions

ImaginAble Solutions creates assistive devices to improve the quality of life for people living with cerebral palsy, arthritis, spinal cord injuries, strokes, and more.  Their new Guided Hands device enables anyone with limited fine motor skills to write, paint, draw, and access technology through a touchscreen device. To begin, place Guided Hands on a flat […]

roll-a-ramp boat ramp system

Roll-A-Ramp Boat Ramp Systems

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a portable, modular ramp system called Roll-A-Ramp.  In addition to offering ramps to help individuals into homes, buildings, and vans, they also offer a solution to help users get into boats: introducing the Roll-A-Ramp Boat Ramp System! The Roll-A-Ramp Boat Ramp System makes it ideal to load […]

carepool transportation logo

Carepool – Transportation for individuals with disabilities

Finding transportation can be rather challenging for individuals with disabilities. Carepool is a company that aims to help individuals get to doctors’ appointments, jobs, and more.  John Massey founded Carepool after hearing of his grandmother’s difficulties with transportation.  According to the company’s website: “We aim to empower lives to the highest level of independence possible. […]

EZCurb wheelchair ramp example

EZCurb Wheelchair Ramp

Last week I wrote about SafePath’s EZEdge Transition Wheelchair Ramp.  Yet another available product from SafePath is their EZCurb Wheelchair Ramp.  The EZCurb Wheelchair Ramp is designed to provide “ramped access and vertical barrier removal where there is a single path-of-travel requirement.” The EZCurb Wheelchair Ramp can be used in both commercial environments and private […]

EZEdge transition wheelchair ramp example

SafePath EZEdge Transition Wheelchair Ramp

SafePath offers a wide variety of threshold ramps, entry-level landings, flooring reducers, and other industrial and residential products for ADA and access code compliance.  One of their available products is the EZEdge Transition Wheelchair Ramp.  According to SafePath’s description, the EZEdge Transition Wheelchair Ramps are “an easy solution to your vertical barriers!” These 100% recycled […]

ekomat paths

Ekomat Paths

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Mobi-Mat RecPath which you can place over sand, grass, gravel, and more.  Another available option is an Ekomat.  Ekomats are “dynamic, multipurpose use tools that offer flexibility, slip-resistance, durability, versatility in a wide range of applications…”  They can be placed on all sorts of terrain to increase […]